Guardian Angel -- Fix-A-Life

THE GAME SHOULD BE PLAYED IN EITHER FULL-SCREEN 16:9 OR WINDOWED 16:9, RESIZING THE WINDOW WILL BREAK THE GAME. Disclaimer: all characters are fictional and any similarities to reality are purely coincidental. You are a Guardian Angel sent to fix the life of Tomi Veikko Jansson, he is graduating in 4 weeks from Guni (Global university of applied sciences) and you must guide him to greatness. Watch out though, if your stats fall too low. You might fail to repair your life. You have 6 stats to worry about: Meals, Hunger, Money, Energy, Social, School Energy: Living is tiring and resting is a necessity, keep an eye out for your energy lest you crash. Hunger: Eating is important and starvation isn't to be taken lightly, watch your hunger, if it falls to 0 you die. If you overeat, you also die so watch out for that too. Meals: A fridge full keeps the person alive, if you don't have meals ready at home you can't eat at home. The fridge can only keep a certain amount and meals bought over the limit are not stored. Money: Everything has a price, you need money to buy food and money doesn't come from nothing. Working is the only way to gain money, but you do get a small amount of support every week from GELA. School: School determines your academic success, a higher number = better score. Social: Social determines your popularity and a higher number means that you are more popular.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)


Mikko Asp -- Storyboarding

Joonas Lapinleimu -- Storyboarding

Toni Turunen -- Art

Vesa Varvemaa -- Programming

Honorable mention

Harto Kuukka -- Mentoring


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