Repair The World

The world is being destroyed by the human race. Every day they continue to litter the oceans and rely on unsustainable methods of power production, causing global warming, killing our planet slowly. This game is about repairing the damage that is already done and saving your planet from irreversible damage. Can you repair the world? The player will collect different types of rubbish and deliver them to different coloured bins, under a time constraint until the pollution levels go past a point of no return. The player must also use seeds to plant trees and increase oxygen level before greenhouse gases increase to a dangerous level too high to reverse. Another planned feature was using AI helpers which the player would buy using the in game shop, which would help collect the randomly spawning trash around the globe play area.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Hari Prendergast

Andy Pelham

Dylan Singleton

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