Repair Pong

RepairPong is like Pong, but your racket starts cracking (losing life, from green to red) from repeatedly blocking the ball. You must stop and repair. But when you are repairing your paddle, you can't move. How to play: Currently the game is played by two players on the same keyboard. escape - Exits current game to menu, and when in the menu, quits the program. spacebar - Releases a new ball after a goal is made Player 1: Move Up - w Move Down - s Repair Paddle - x Player 2: Move Up - i Move Down - k Repair Paddle - m
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Written in Lua with löve 2d 11.3, and packaged with loveman. Tools used: VSCode, Sublime Text 3, Paint.Net

Global Game Jam 2020 - PUC-Rio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Programmer and game designer - Bruno Baère -

Repair Pong icon is a derivative work of Freepik ( from Flaticon (

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