Repair My Tattoo

Your good friend's in trouble! Their brand new tattoo is screwed up. Only YOU - the famous local tattoo artist - can fix 'em up! Grab your phone, repair the tattoo and let people decide who made the best piece of art. The winner gets eternal gratitude, fame and the feeling of a job well done. Be careful - you have less than a minute to make your adjustments since good tattooists are busy people. "Repair my tattoo" is a local multiplayer played on a common screen by using mobile devices as controllers. Up to 4 people can compete with each other in a tattoo redrawing competition, according to the instructions seen on the screen. After the drawing round, the audience decides whose version is the best. You can play the game with people in same room or stream it and enjoy online multiplayer. Internet connection required for AirConsole to work.
Jam year: 
Party Maker (Sponsored by AirConsole)
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Android device, iPhone, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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  • Luke Spierewka - programming
  • Anna Chwal - art & animation
  • Kamila Spierewka - text & production

Royalty-free assets:

  • music by Kevin MacLeod: Funky Chunk, Your Call, Funky One (via 
  • sounds by Adam_N, Sandermotions, dland, jimhancock, InspectorJ, jvidalmc90, parkersenk (via
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