Corporation: RepAir

You are a poor space station repair company. At your disposal are three astronauts: runner, security guard and engineer. But since your company is very poor, you have one oxygen generator for three and only a few days to fix the station core. Each character has their own oxygen supply and skills. Will they be able to repair the station before the disaster? - the runner has the largest supply of oxygen and a key card from all doors - the guard has medium supply of oxygen and can clean the enemies that block the path - the engineer has the smallest amount of oxygen and can fill other rooms with oxygen You only have a few days to find and repair the core of the station. One day is a move for each character. At the end of the moves, a new day begins. "Corporation: RepAir" is counting on you!
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MS Windows
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We use love2d framework and Lua language.

Pixel artist - Eugenia Vishneva ( )
Programmer - Sergei Klabukov ( )

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