You've witnessed the destruction of your treehouse, and want to repair it into the perfect condition it used to be in. --- CONTROLS: Move: WASD || Look: Mouse || Pick-up: E || Throw item: Left Mouse Button || Get/Hide cursor: Escape
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Install Build:

To intall our build, you just need to download our Executable "" and unzip it into any folder. To play the game, simply launch the ReHouse.exe file.

Install Source:

If you want to see how our project works in editor, download Unity 2018.4.16f1 version and then the folder, and unzip the folder into a destination of your choice. After that, simply open up the project in Unity by selecting the Project Folder and voila, you're in our project.

IF YOU GET AN ERROR OF A TEXTURE NOT BEING NORMAL, IGNORE IT! Otherwise you're going to enjoy candy grass

Our gameplay scene is in SampleScene. Great naming, I know.


Jere Tuohino: Programmer and Creative Director 
Juhani Ålander: Programmer and Executive Director
Petra Repo: Artist
Jere Puusa: Actual Artist
Jyri Saloranta: Tree, Rock and Portal Artist

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