Redneck Ambulance Derby

Redneck Ambulance Derby is a two player runner arcade game. Your goal is to keep your buddy that's in the truck bed alive ! Also it's the gosh darn zombie apocalypse out there so you better watch out ! He's losing blood ! The driver player gotta smash zombies to collect their blood to intraveinously pump it in your buddy ! He's losing parts ! The nurse player gotta keep them and reattach them back to your buddy, else he will lose blood even faster ! This game was made by a team of 7 student game designers at the ETPA school of game design, we hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed making it !
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download, unzip, execute, enjoy !


A game made by :

Barbarin Guillaume

Clegerie Léo-Paul

Ferez-Parvin Quentin

Franquet Adrien

Pinho Dos Santos Angelo

Wirtz Maxime

Yerle Sacha


Special thanks to :

Kevin McLeod for the royalty-free music

Baptiste for his participation

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