Rebuild The Guild

Rebuild The Guild is a dungeon-crawling RPG-inspired game that puts you in the place of a guild of adventures trying to.. well, rebuild the guild. It would be weird if you did something else. Winning the game is a feat that requires cunning and skill to beat the formidable forces of Adventuria Guildia - a place where originality is a pipe dream. Utilising a "rock, paper, scissors" inspired combat system, you must get up enough coin to repair the guild to it's former glory and make sure it stays that way! Buying beds and other objects will increase your abilities in combat and aid you in your conquest of the dungeons of the land.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Clickteam Fusion
Installation Instructions: 

Simply launch the game using the executable!


Producer/Subordiante Artist: Jack Seager

Designer/Lead Artist: Eloise Dabinett

Co-Producer/Sub Programmer: Lorenzo Bonetti

Lead Programmer: Joseph Jones

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