OUR HERO is a Taoist who lives in a mountain. Her temple that sealed the monster was damaged by an accident. Now, OUR HERO needs to repair the tower in the process of resisting the invasion of the monster. How to play: Player A press Z X C to choose card, Player B press I O P to choose card. Press SPACE when time count to 0 to open the scene. blue card counter red card, red card counter green card, green card counter black card, black card counter blue card. Which means level 2 blue card is equal to level 4 red card. Player A's card level up acroding to the card A choosen. Player B's card level up by time and is a ramdon number between 1 and round-1. usually 7 round is fair.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Card game, PVP , Chinese Style
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