Re-Forest is a local cooperative game where two people work together to reforest an area and keep their plants safe against random events that can destroy their forest. The couple Sebastião and Leila, a geologist and a biologist, come back to their homeland after years travelling the world and find out the forest around the place they live has been devastated by big corporations actions. Noticing the effects caused by the forest devastation, they decide to buy the land close to their property and work in the reforestation of that land, in order to preserve the natural habitat of several species that were on the verge of extinction after losing their habitat. Their path to cultivating the forest and restoring those animals' habitat isn't a simple one, as they will face water contamination, hurricanes and forest fires. They need to use their special skills to overcome such events protecting their plants, while also caring of the plants so they'll grow properly, giving them resources to overcome destruction and seeds to plant new trees. To play with Sebastião the player needs to use the keys AWSD to move and Q to use actions, and to play with Lelia the player needs to use the direction keys to move and the L key to execute an action.
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A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Eco Action
MS Windows
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