Our hero comes home and listening radio while sitting his favourite couch in peace. Then, suddenly radio stops the playing song. He tries to fix it but he can not. With his anger, he oversleeps while sitting on the couch. In his dream he finds himself inside of the mechanical parts of the radio. The journey of the game starts with this chains of events. During this event, he finds some parts of the radio elements are actually broken. He needs to find a way to fix the parts in order to use the radio in real timeline. This broken part includes damaged cables, lambs that are not illuminating. The actions for fixing the parts are mainly maintain the cables, doing hard solder and finding switches for illumination. If the cables are disatached again and radio breaks again, the main character in the real timeline gets angrier and smashes the radio. The game will be over immeadiately since the character is inside of the radio. The main camera view is first person view. Controls for the character are w, a, s, d for moving and space for jumping. Also for interaction with the objects is possible with left click on object. For players, the signs with colors and lights are actually hints for the main route in order to fix parts of the machine. If they can follow the numbers on objects they will be able to fix the radio faster.
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
For 3d models: 3ds max, maya For texture: substance painter
Installation Instructions: 

There are no specific installation process. The game has .exe file extention so it means just click to play.


Baransel Can Gülkanat : 3D Artist
Ege Kol                            : Game Designer
Ulaş Yücepur                  : 3D Artist
Yavuz Selim Yayla         : Programmer
Zelal Deniz Yıldız           : Sound Designer


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