Psychokinetic Repair Shop

Look, mommy! It's the PSYCHOKINETIC REPAIR SHOP Broken pots always make people frown. No one likes broken things, right? You can try gluing all pieces carefully, one by one, or you can just bring the unfortunate pieces to the Psychokinetic Repair Shop to have it fixed with style! Watch the pieces move about and stop them with your powers. But psychokinesis is a difficult ability and you may find it difficult to control... Time your brain power on the right moment to return the pot into pristine condition in the given time. It's this, or your money back, guaranteed. Controls: *Keyboard/Enter - Stop the pieces *R - Restart game
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
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Game: created with Godot Engine 4.0 custom development build, based on commit b25af76. Requires Vulkan support. Sound: edited with Audacity Background Art: Photoshop 3D Art: Blender 2.81a
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the game in its own folder and open the executable. Make sure the .pck file is in the same folder as the executable.


Game design, coding - Vinicius Kleinsorgen

Vase 3D Model - Laura Trompowsky

Background Art - Carolina Caravana

Hand 3D Model - William Masao Watanabe

Godot tips and consulting - William Tumeo

Sounds created from the Sonniss GDC Bundle Packs

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