Prima Klima

Humanity continues on its path of global warming and Mother Earth is feeling hotter by the day. The other planets, in a missguided attempt at helping the poor planet, decide to cool Earth down by... spitting on the sun and extinguishing it. Prima Klima is a puzzle game with 10 levels where the player has to rotate the orbits of the planets so that they have a clear shot at the sun. You have to avoid asteroids, ride on force fields and travel through wormholes to get your spitball to reach the center of the solar system. Additional download link:
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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The game is only available on PC/Windows. Press space to start a round and use the left mouse button to drag the orbits around.

Kerstin Arnold - VFX
Mathis Anzeneder - Texturing, UI, Game Design, Sound
Ramon Schauer - 3D Modeling, 2D Sprites, Shader
Valentin Klink - Programming

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