Prepare to Repair - The fun boardgame for all the family!

The basis of the game is for 2-4 players to defend and repair their castle against the hoards of boulders being launched by catapults. The game runs in a turn based system, in which the players will choose a character (Each with their own unique ability). as the game progresses, more catapults will be added to the game. The defenders (Human players) need to work together using their ability cards to reinforce and repair their 3 tier castle defence and survive a predetermined amount of rounds. The attackers (The catapults) aim is use their catapults to kill the king by breaching all 3 tiers of defences. The walls all have a unique number (In a numerical order from 1-6), in which the catapults attack is determined by the dice roll (1 x dice = 1 x catapult). The human players must work together, nominating a general for each round as to who goes first and what ability cards are used to repair and fortify the walls. Can you survive all rounds and protect the king? Or will the catapult throwing dragons be your demise? Find out... in Prepare to Repair!
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A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
The Roaring 20s
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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We used card and paper
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Prepare to Repair - Rules






Your castle is under siege!

Cooperate to protect your monarch for 8 rounds by repairing and reinforcing your castle walls.


Setting up the game:


The board:


Take the wall cards and place them on the board:


-Outer wall cards have 1 dice on them. Lay them out from 1-6 starting from the left on the outer wall section


-Inner wall cards have 2 dice on them. Lay them out in ascending order of the dice value from left to right over the inner wall section


-The castle card has the dice 2-5 on in. Place it over the castle section




-Repair/Reinforce cards:

Shuffle the cards, then hand out 3 cards to each player.

Place the remaining cards in a pile face down on the table.


-Ability cards:

Shuffle and hand out the ability cards, one to each player.

Ability cards have special rules written on them, each different from one another.



This game requires 8 six-sided standard dice.



Place 2 catapult tokens in the first two catapult slots



Place the monarch token on slot 1 of the escape track


Game Phases:


Players start by reinforcing or repairing the castle walls using the cards in their hand.
Once all players have had their turn, the catapults will deal damage to the castle walls.


Players’ turn:

At the start of the players’ turn a “General” must be elected by the players.


The general will begin play and the game will continue clockwise from the General.

The General is the only player who can use the ability described on their Ability card for the whole round. Other players can not use their Ability card abilities.

A player can not be nominated General two rounds in a row.


During their turn every player can:

Use up to two of their repair/reinforce cards.


Pick up a repair/reinforce card from the deck.


At any point during their turn, players can trade in two of their repair/reinforce cards and pick up a repair/reinforce card from the deck.


A player can hold a maximum of 6 cards at once.

If a player has 6 cards, they must discard a card (or several) before picking up more.


When cards are played or traded in, they get added to the discard pile.



Placing cards:

There are two types of cards that can be placed:


Repair cards and Reinforce cards


Repair cards:

Once a wall is broken by a catapult hit, these cards can be used to restore the broken wall.


Reinforce cards:

If a wall has not been broken it can be reinforced by playing a reinforce card.

Place a reinforce token on the desired wall.

This wall can now take a catapult hit without being destroyed which removes the reinforcement token.


Outer and inner walls can have up to 1 reinforcement, whereas the Castle wall can hold up to 3 reinforcements.


Repair/reinforce cards can only be placed in the wall category written on the card:

O (green) cards are for the outer wall row

I (blue) cards are for the inner wall row

C (pink) cards are for the Castle row


Once all players have played their turn, the Players phase is over and the catapult phase begins


Catapult phase


The General rolls one dice for each catapult on the board.


The numbers indicated on the dice show which castle walls receive damage.

If any of the affected walls have reinforcements, these reinforcements get removed instead of the walls being destroyed.



If the General rolled a 1 and a 5, and there was a reinforcement on outer wall 5, the wall with the 1 will be destroyed and the wall with the 5 will lose its reinforcement token.



If any of the catapults hit a broken wall then the damage is applied to the next layer/level of walls.


E.g If Outer wall 3 was destroyed but the catapult rolled a 3, then Inner wall card (3&4) takes the damage.


If the dice rolls a number that is not on any of the wall cards, no damage will be applied.



The Castle wall card has numbers 2,3,4 and 5. If all walls with 1 have been destroyed and a 1 is rolled, the Castle wall sustains no damage.




If all walls of the outer wall are destroyed, the catapults move forward and the outer walls can no longer be repaired or reinforced.


If all walls of the outer AND inner wall are destroyed, the catapults move forward and the inner walls can no longer be repaired or reinforced.


Catapults must first move through the outer walls before they can move through the inner walls.


When a row is breached (the catapults move forward), all players pick one card from the repair/reinforce pile.


The round ends after the attack phase is complete.



End of Round


At the end of the round, an extra catapult is added to the catapults and the player’s monarch token advances along the escape track.


If there is a +1 indicated on the track at the monarchs position, this means that all players can pick a card at the start of the player’s round.


Win/Lose conditions:


If the Castle wall is destroyed and the monarch gets hit by a catapult the players lose the game.

If players can move the monarch token to the end of the escape track, the players win.




Details on abilities:



The archer allows players to change the wall hit by a catapult. Players can add or subtract 1 from the dice roll in order to change which wall takes damage.



A nominated player may draw 2 cards.


A nominated player can use their reinforce cards to repair walls.



Roll half of the catapult dice (rounded down) at the start of the players phase. The walls will receive the damage decided by the roll once the other half has been rolled during the catapult phase


Oscar Barbosa - Game designer
Ioana-Iulia Cazdcu - Game designer
Milo Bygrave - Game designer
George Allison - Game designer
Jason Uncles - Game designer/ Music

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