Pots and Plots

Pots and Plots Pots and Plots is a land-tilling, crop-planting turn-based game between (2) two players who are both trying to till the most soil and plant the most valuable crops on a (5) five tile by (5) five tile board. The game consists of the board, a “crop zone” for the placeable crops and activated “Extra Turn” cards, and each players pool of tiles. Both players start with an “Extra Turn” card and (25) twenty-five land tiles of the player’s color. A player’s turn consists of (1) one action, either building a fence, planting a crop on colored plot tiles, or taking an “Extra Turn” card from the “crop zone”. Players can possess up to (2) two “Extra Turn” cards and use any number on their turn. The player using an “Extra Turn” card must declare they are doing so before their first action. When a board tile has a fence on all (4) four sides, the player who built the last side places their colored plot tile on the space and scores (1) one point. Crops can only be planted on tiles that have a colored plot on it. It does not matter who owns the plot. The placeable crops in the crop zone consist of (1) T-shaped crop, (1) 2x2 crop, (2) L-Shaped crops, (1) 1x3 crop, (2) 1x2 crops, and (2) 1x1 stones. Stones can be played on any tilled or untilled tile, but not on crops. The value of each crop is displayed below. *insert graphic* Play ends when no more fences can be laid and there are no more placeable crops. Scoring: Players add the total number of their colored tiles and total value of their placed crops together. Highest value wins.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Karen Weiss - Concept, Art, Design
Kevin Coyner - Design, Testing, Construction
Trevor Adams - Inspiration, Design, Protyping

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