• We wanted to create something with families in mind, often when creating epic adventures we miss out on key moments in life, we wanted something that would include Mom and Dad, or Grandpa and Grandma, we wanted to create something where both they and their babies would have beautiful memories. • Kids see the world in a unique way, so why not use that, why not make the most of it, this is why we decided to use AR because with the time we had we were never going to be able to create a world greater than the one we reside in. (thanks unity! Kidding) • Some games are timeless, no matter what happens or how many years come to pass, hide and seek will always be a staple of a childs childhood, but sometimes we don’t have the luxury of playing with all our friends, so maybe with just baby and dad we can hide 5 objects and have dad find them. • We kept the game playable on one device because kids don’t have cell phones, or atleast as far as I know they don’t, has that changed? Are millennials old now? So it’s something Mom or Dad can do with their child together • Children tend to get a kick out of basic things, so taking their time to carefully hide objects is fun. Their imagination and sense of wonder does the rest. But when they are watching, things need to happen fast, so parents have to work on a timer no longer than 60 seconds, while the children enjoy watching them mess up • And finally we have the pay off, you accomplish the mission you get a stunning portrait for life, you fail the mission and you’re left with a painful reminder o The details that are present in these images are pretty amazing, from the tears of sadness because of Dad failed to find the wheel of his broken toy car, to the mess on his face from life’s daily stresses, the fresh 2020 out of bed look, it’s all here in one place. Player 1 hides the objects Player 2 has to find them before the time is up!
Jam year: 
Feel your breath
Android device, iPhone
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This game uses AR
Installation Instructions: 

Build from source code

Build and run from unity with iOS selected or Android selected

Make sure your iOS device is connected to your PC/Mac when Building


Install with .ipa onto iOS device or apk on Android device


Moe El-Kaaki

Jonathan Mastromonaco

Zachary Orsoli

Daniel Wu

Conor Geoghegan

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Point & Click