Philos: Repair and Gather

An RTS style robot repair prototype. You control a set of drones who gather resources needed to repair ship around the depot. Controls: Right click on a drone to select. Left click to give the drone a direction. The AI will take it from there. W will pan the camera up. S will pan the camera down. D will pan the camera to the right. A will pan the camera to the left. note: The x to close the window does not work. To exit the game, press escape. This was made with Tempest, a home build engine that I have been working on for some time. The game itself is very simple and not worth bragging about, but the tech behind it I am very proud of. Enjoy! and here's to more games made with Tempest! note 2: If you get an error about needing c++ libraries, you need to install the ms 2019 c++ redist packages. I did not have time to add these into the installer. Thanks!
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
This is build with a custom engine. It requires both openAL and the windows visual studio 2019 c++ redist to be installed. I will try to find time to write an installer to help with this. To install just run the exe, and it should do the job. There is an uninstaller in the program files directory where the game is placed. Enjoy!
Installation Instructions: 

Run the installer and enjoy. If you get an error that you don't have the vs libraries that you need, install the ms 2019 c++ redist packages. 


Art - Nathan Miller

Everything else - Maxwell Miller

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