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High-Level Overview Co-op competitive couch multiplayer game where you are aboard a plane that is falling from the sky. Do you stay aboard and try to repair it, or will you take the only available escape? Detailed Overview Across the game session everything is going wrong. Fires are exploding, gas is leaking, and the cabin is jerking around sporadically. In order to fix the plane the players must perform a series of randomized repair tasks, with each task being derived from some form of procedural button combination. Above everything is a primary countdown until the plane crashes. Catastrophe can be averted if all tasks can be solved in the limited time frame, however sabotage can be struck if one of the players decides to backstab the other. Core Mechanics Repairing randomly spawned issues. Movement + jumping. Interaction with events (random button inputs/mini-game) Time based (time is constantly subtracting, time passes fast if issues aren’t repaired.) Parachute will become available near the end for one player to save themselves. Slapping (item drop, slows down other player, and because it’s funny) Win and fail states. Issues/Repairs List of the different issues that will occur during the play session, as well as the effects on the playground and possible unique ways of repair: Fire, Gas/Steam leak, Rear rudder damage, Electric exposure, controls malfunction.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Programming Team:  Luke Rapkin      Programming Lead, Multiplayer Input 

                                      Max Hughes     Gameplay programming                 



Art Team: David Phoenix              Art Lead, Technical Art

                  Diogo Pimenta             Environment Modelling, Concepting

                  Petar Cakic                   Character, Animation, Texturing





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