Survive the attack of Golems with your dodges and traps that you will build and repair with your weapon. The game is a Hybrid Tower Defense / FPS (see Orcs Must Die) where the player must destroy golems to build and upgrade traps to escape from ruins.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

3D Artists :
Baptiste BODIN - lead artist, props, lightning, technical artist
Corentin ARNAUD - environnement, textures, sounds
Adrien Di GIOVANNI - environnement, textures, sounds
Dorian DUROYAUME - golem, props, textures, sounds
Morgane PAULMIER - weapon, textures, title

Game Designers :
Xavier ROUYER - game design, programming, animation, technical artist, sounds
Justin PALLIERE - game design, level design

Programmer :
Thibaut PONCHON - lead programming, programming

And a special thank to Joanna BENDAOUD for helping with the main music !

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