Newspipe is a tile sliding puzzle game. You're trying to link green start tiles with red goal tiles on each level before you reach a certain number of moves. You can slide tiles to empty spots around them. Each level has a set number of moves you can do before you have to reset. There are also two powerup types. You can connect green tiles to "+30 tiles" to get 30 extra moves. You can also connect them to "bomb tiles" to get an extre empty spot on the level grid. For the GGJ2020 version, there are three levels. I intend to release a version with more levels. But you can create your own levels by creating new *.csv files in the \GGJ2020_data\StreamingAssets\Levels folder. There's no proper documentation but it'll be updated. There are tile types from 0 to 11. Try them out to see which tiles they correspond to. Good luck and have fun. Arhan Bakan Twitter: @arhanbakan Facebook: \arhanbakan Linkedin: \in\arhanbakan Diversifiers: Langage Independence: I think the tutorial text at the right side shouldn't count as a player can understand the game by just playing it. Paparazzi: I'm mainly a programmer and I've made the art on a paper, photographed it and then transferred it to my computer. I thnik it counts. :) Mod-ifiable: Players are able to create their own levels and add them to the game. I primarily aimed for this diversifier.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Arhan Bakan - Everything :)

Font - Letter Sketch by Motokiwo

Music - - "Collator Belt"

Sound Effects - bfxr

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