Neverfix Station

Neverfix Station it's a train station that is always on repairs. Take a friend or three of them for a multiplayer 2-4 players co-op experience. You will have to team up to fix all damages on the railroad, get wood from the trees to make wooden tables, or get metal from the rocks to melt it and create new rails.Trains that passed may damage the railroad, so be careful to always patch all damages before another train to prevent a tragedy. This game is playable on the Web Browser using AirConsole. Use your smarthphones as controllers and play! Recommended for a group of 4 players.
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Party Maker (Sponsored by AirConsole)
A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Other digital platform
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Houdini, Unity (any product)
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Thanks to AirConsole you just need to go to "Play now!" link and play it using you smartphone.


Marco Elizondo - Programming

Daniel Silva - 3D Art

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