The NecroFixer: Familiar FixerUpper Extraordinaire, Zuesly Tangwystl Phd.

Following the theme of "repair," our team set about to build a game centered around a humble business owner: Zuesly Tangwystl PhD, The Necrofixer! Want a cuter cat? Visit the Necrofixer! Want a familiar that strikes fear into your enemies? Dr. Tangwystl can supply you with what you need! Players play as Dr. Tangwystl, who owns a small shop where wizards, witches, warlocks, and other magic folk can bring their familiar creatures to undergo strange operations. By casting magic spells on the customer's familiar pet (clicking limbs), players make adjustments to the animal's appearance in order to please each patron. However, if you make too many mistakes you'll get bad ratings and your business might go under?
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Linked is our page.
Find the game in the downloads section.
Please unzip the file and play the etc named "The necrofixer."


Christine Fouron

Charlie Harper

Peter Hechler

Merry Hospelhorn

Nyusha Iampolski

Stefan Lazarevic

Anneliese Lee-Reid

Scott Tongue

Gautam Srikishan

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