Genetics Customer Service

You are a new worker in a genetically engineered pets factory of the future! But you are left alone at your own devices with angry customers coming in with their "failed" new pet... With vague customer notes and messy computer files, will you be able to repair the genetic code? ***HOW TO PLAY*** Drag and drop the files of the corresponding color in the empty space on the DNA. You can click on the note at the bottom of the screen to display hints of what the customer wants. Guess at the best of your ability using the name of the files in the limited time and submit the new genetically re-edited pet for the customer to review! But do it quickly, or you may be fired from your new job....
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)


Anthony Ballester

Teddy Russo



Zoë Souvay




SFX: Zapsplat

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Point & Click