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A project with a tragic story, where the player will play as a robot and search for parts of himself in the recycling plant, thereby restoring the memory of his personality. The game has an interesting mechanics of controlling individual parts of the robot's body. The exhibition is carried out with the help of talented comics-flashbacks.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Reaper, Visual Studio.

Yarin Dmitriy - concept artist, storyboarder.

Vladimir Svistunov - unity developer, game designer.

Nikolay Gorshkov - 3D designer.

Maxim Polyakov - concept artist, animator, comics designer.

Dmitriy Petuhov - 3D designer, environment artist.

Ekaterina Popova - scenarist.

Alexander Kabalkin - unity developer.

Yuriy Sevastyanov - unity developer.

Konstantin Knerik - composer.

Artem Makeev - sound designer.

Nikolay Hizanishvily - unity developer.




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