The world ended long ago and your goal is to repair the Great Mech at the center of Crater City as fast as possible. Every second matters for an adventurer, it can mean the difference between untold glory and a cold bitter failure. Stories of all kinds and colours are told about this place. Riches, Weapons, and Unlimited Power, are all whispered to lie inside of the Great Mech In this 2 Player split screen race to the finish, Players will traverse a unique and ambient arena, collecting boosts, and finding the light in the darkness of Crater City. This game is best played with multiple controllers! Incidentally, controllers will not work with the main menus. Keep those keyboards connected!
Jam year: 
A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
This game was developed in Unreal Engine, and we used FMOD for audio implementation. Logic Pro X, and Kontakt libraries were used for Music Composition.

Kore Poole - Design 
Marcy Mezei - Music Composer
Austin Tasato - Programmer 
Cody Kimbele - 3D Artist
Justin McDaniel - Programmer
Greg Morton - Designer
Michael Pacheco - Tech Artist
Dan Taylor - UI Artist / Visual Effects / 3D Modeler
Dan Beebe - Character Artist
James Mello - Sound Design / Effects


Game Tags: 
Third Person