Maya's Adventure

Maya is a teenager who meets you, the player, that has to help her throughout her journey to find the evil dragon, "Ixen," to revenge the death of her family member. She is the key to "repairing" the fate of her village which at the moment is doomed due to attacks from dragons. This is Part 1 of the epic tales of Maya's adventure. Normally, I pitch and/or join a group for Global Game Jam to meet other developers and collaborate. This year, I decided to learn to create Narrative game by myself to dig deeper into utilizing Fungus. It paid off well. My first 6 hours or so was spent on learning the tool and the rest hours was used to create the main game. Here is my retrospective: What went well- - Staying focused and not giving up. - Self-care: I drank plenty of fluids, slept 8 hours on Friday night and 3 hours on Saturday night, Not too shabby IMHO. - Confidence: I came out on winning side, feeling accomplished, shipped on three platforms (Windows, OSX, HTML5) before 3pm. - Experienced Flow state: There were some moments that I immensely enjoyed the process without having too much need for abrupt stops to do fixes. I truly felt creative and zen while creating art, developing story, having a full control of the direction of the game, etc. - Looking forward for more: I am looking forward to continuing to expand Maya's Adventure stories and see how this game will turn out in mini-releases. Who knows I may sign up on Patreon? Even Better If- - I wish I had done a bit more practicing using Fungus prior to GGJ, and I think it could have avoided the time sink learning during the jam. - The player choice currently only offer two choices and the branch is extremely shallow. With more time in hand, I'd like to expand deeper to create more diverse outcome. - Initially, I wanted to include enemy battles, but it required much more time in creating the art assets not to mention making more dialogues, branches, etc. With future releases, I'd like to add more. - Splash art is missing. With more time, I could have added a much more polish. - Place holder arts - I used royalty free photos found online to cut time, but would like to polish it with original art. - Polish on characters - I would like to animate and polish the existing characters to add more dynamic and engaging storytelling. - Particles - I wanted to add particles on burning house and on the dragon, but alas, time was not on my side. - so much more.. Good news - Maya's Adventure story will continue!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
A tool called Fungus was used to build this narrative game.
Installation Instructions: 

Windows Source File.

Use the download link to access the Windows & OSX executables.

You can also play it on web browser.



Developed by Joowon Kim using Unity engine (2019.3.0f6) and Fungus.

All character art is done by myself.

Various music, sound, image files obtained from creative commons or royalty free websites:

"Icon made by Freepik from"



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