A Loss of Control

This is a quick prototype concept for an "escape room"-style challenge. It's primarily a physical game making use of a MakeyMakey. Story: You're on an environmental disaster response team whose funding has been cut. A leak in an oil pipeline has been reported, and you're the closest responder. You've arrived at the scene only to discover that the controls for your repair drone have been raided for parts -- several wires are missing, and at least one button is completely missing. Now you're stuck on a diagnostic screen for reestablishing the controls, hoping to repair the controls from the handful of trash you gathered from the floor. To play the prototype, you try to complete physical circuits (connected to the MakeyMakey) in a controllable way to bypass the diagnostic screen, by picking out conductive items from the trash and connecting them appropriately. Setting up the MakeyMakey and choosing the trash on-hand is your level design. The digital component really just confirms that you can keep a circuit closed for 3 seconds. Potential trash: - bread ties (peeling off the paper to reach the metal may be its own mini-challenge) - foil candy wrappers - screws / nuts - low-value metal coins - an empty can - a bottletop - other non-conductive trash that looks potentially useful/distracting/obviously useless (a used-up ballpoint pen, shiny plastic candy wrappers, a toothpick, a cork, a chewed eraser) - some adhesive things (a bit of peeled-off tape, some soft wax) MakeyMakey setup notes: - Using a single "Earth" connection attached to the user makes this extremely easy. It's more interesting to have multiple lines connected to Earth, as if each circuit were entirely separate. - Affixing the contact points to a rigid surface means you can't just fold the surface to complete the circuits.
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Eco Action
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This requires the use of a MakeyMakey controller, alligator clips, and a variety of conductive and non-conductive physical objects.
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