Lofi Beats to Pass On To

“Welcome, Wizard! The lead position at the world-renowned Ghost Tea Cafe has been passed onto you, kiddo! Let me explain how this place works. When you open shop, your customers won’t exactly be alive… They’ll be ghosts! Many souls fail to find peace, and they become stuck on the mortal plane. Long ago, the Great Wizard Constance decided to help them by making this tea shop! Each of the tea leaves here are infused with magic, so they have healing properties that can help repair the restless souls that come here! Awesome, right?” “In the cupboard above the bar are all of your tea ingredients. There are seven different tea leaves to choose from. To make a tea, simply drag the ingredient to the tea pot. Each brew you make can have anywhere from one to three different tea leaves. Every ghost has a particular tea that will successfully repair their souls and allow them to pass on, so you may have to try out multiple tea combinations to brew the correct mixture. Hover over a ghost to reveal a more telling statement about their personality. Use this in order to best determine what tea would be the best for them. To your side, there is a spell book that describes the utility of each tea leaf and lists some common tea recipes that have proven successful for past wizards. Note that a ghosts can order outside of these recipes. Ghosts may wish for any number and any combination of tea leaves in their drinks. Experiment and use the ghost’s dialogue to determine what tea leaves may be appropriate for them. Hints: Ghosts will never wish to have Black and Yellow Tea Leaves in the same drink. Also, if a ghost gives negative remark about the amount of flavor in the tea you tried to them, perhaps try to change the amount of tea leaves in your brew.”
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Photoshop After Effects Premiere Pro
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Unzip folder

Run file "GlobalGameJamGhosts"



Anna Rowley

Cam Devoe

Chris Boyd


Grayson Desmet

Shivam Sengupta


Jack Speake

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Point & Click