Let's FIX it

Imagine you are in a pickle and everything around you has absolutely nothing to do or help with fixing your problem. This game is going to make your imagination run wild to solve your everyday problems and develop a new way of looking at life in a more easygoing and positive way. Be quick, have fun, anything counts. HOW TO START? One of the players randomly chooses an item from a blind bag and places it on a platform in the middle of the table, the item is mandatory to fix the problem and must be used. The same player pulls out a card from the "problem deck" and reads out loud 3 limitations that have to be taken count of in the solution. Only then, you can open the window on the card and reveal the problem. The players have to think quick. The first to ring the bell and explain how he'd fix the problem without hesitation wins the card. The games continues clockwise. IMPORTANT RULES: You must give a quick fix, without stalling. You must use the random item to fix the problem. You must say the word 'FIX' out loud to end your turn. SPECIAL ITEM: Gear (as a joker) If you take out a gear from the blind back you can choose a custom item that you have on you or around you to use this turn. SPECIAL CARD: Cards outlined in red are the hardest to fix and have another limitation on them "your item malfunctioned!" - it forces you to use only a part of the item (for example, your item is a book - you can only use the cover/pages/etc...) POINTS: Green card - 10 points. Blue card - 20 points. Purple card - 30 points. Red card - 40 points. BOTTOM LINE: Go through the card deck and collect as many points as you can by fixing the problems. The player with the highest score will be titled "THE FIXER".
Jam year: 
Is there anybody out there?
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Sense of humor.

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  • Sophie Shulman
  • Eden Cohen
  • Yana Blazhko
  • Shaked Patt
  • Hila Peretz
  • Eden Biton
  • Sapir Bronzberg
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