Layin Pipe Board Game (Prototype)

This game is based on 3 connecting rooms that are having water issues. The goal is to connect your pipe from the start to the pipe in the end the fastest. This game is still a prototype and still needs further refinement.
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A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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4 characters

3 - level boards – 12 x 12 board

4 - 4 wide walls – single wide

4 - 2 wide walls – single wide

Various pipe lengths – 1 - long, 2 - long, 3 – long, 4 – long (all single wide)

8 – tokens – 4 wrenches, 4 mops


108 identifier cards (water cards)

1 for each level


31 – event cards

4 - obtain a wrench, 6 - obtain a mop, 4 – (+1) shop size, 6 – slip cards, 6 – burst pipe, 5 intensifiers


Game setup

Boards are alined in a long row to create a race.  Between each 12x12 you drop 1 level.


After boards are assembeled, players begin placing wall segments, 4 long first and the player with the closest birthday lays first.

            Wall can not be placed with in 4  of the start and finish line

            And must be placed no closer than 4 spaces of another wall.


            Lay 2 wide walls following previous rules


Draw 4 starting water cards to start the map with water. Place water on map.



You have a shop consistent of 4 spaces that will be filled with draw cards and tokens.


You are allowed 2 Actions  per turn.

            Movement Actions

                        Draw a card

                        Place a pipe

                        Trade – 2 cards

Mop Water (can only be done within adjacent space of current location) No diagonals



Player with the closes birthday goes first and can perform their two actions.


After completion of each round draw 4 water cards and place water on associated hex.

            Perform actions on card.

If you draw an intensity card draw another round of cards but do not perform actions (shuffle them back into the water card) ex drawing a (get a mop card)


Game design and Prototyping

Jessica Williams

Shaun Brown

Dustin Price

Robby Price

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