“Who took my last energy drink?” - a painful question that is mentioned at least once during a game jam. Your programmer-friend tries to avoid your accusing stare but gives in. “I did… I didn’t think you needed it. I meant to pay you back!” But oh, it’s too late. You’re in for a shark-off! Sadly, the ocean has dried out and the sharks are unable to move unless you give them wheels. In return, these grateful repaired sharks will help you take down your caffeine-addicted nemesis! >>>>>> HOW TO PLAY: Pick up wheels and bring them to your respective shark to "repair" it. Avoid getting bitten by the other player's sharks. Last player standing wins the match! Controlls: West Player: WASD // Left analog stick East Player: Arrow Keys // Right analog stick
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
LogicProX, Maya, Photoshop, GIMP,

Tove - Music composing, producing + foley Sound Design

Ossian - Animation/art/unity store/merge conflicts

Carl-Olof - Some Code, Some Design, Some Unity Text Animations...

Magnus - Pro Gamer, Programing/Design/Placed plants

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