Krak 'em!

Krak 'em! is a four-player board game about being pirates. Plunder gold, attack other pirate ships, sign contracts to deliver packages or ambush and steal other ships' packages, recruit crew, and repair your damaged ship so it doesn't fall apart!
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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The zip file includes PNP game components: game board, player panels and instructions about how to play the game. You will need some additional materials like dice (d6 and d12), pawns and tokens.


Team Balık Kraken:

Nazlıcan Eroğlu - prototyping, game design, playtesting

Yarkın Deniz Çetin  - prototyping, game design, playtesting

Sonat Uzun - ghost ship player panel design, game design, playtesting

Gökçe Komaç  - prototyping, game design, playtesting


Yasin Kaya - game board visual design & artwork

Egesu Arpacı - player panel visual design & artwork


Thanks to all our playtesters at GGJ2020!

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