This board game is aboud repairing our spaceships in the ultimate batlle between aliens and humanity! Our mothership sent us on this holy mission to provide our spaceships with oil, french keys and wire. Shall we make it in time and repair them or the aliens will take over? We are only minutes away from the conclusion to this war! Spaceship repair masters is a fast pace, dexterity, puzzle solving and real-time game. It is played in turns and the goal is to keep or spaceships flying by repairing them and defend our mothership from loosing all of its fuel. If players miss to resupply the items needed for the repairs or they fail to repair it correctly in time the mothership has to sent the second team of repair masters to fix it and thus it looses fuel. Try to focus on saving the planet IN TIME.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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MS PAINT Apache OpenOffice

Siskos Aggelos, George Tigas, Ioannis Dollas

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