An introduction to out game: Islanders. The story: Lenard from New Amsterdam went on a vacation with his boat. But he didn't know a storm was coming. When Lenard woke up he was stranded on an island and his boat was broken. Lenard didn't know what to do and from that moment the game starts. Controls: Use WASD for walking around. Interact with items and npc's by left clicking on them. Tepairing your boat also works when you left click on it. Press E to open your inventory. Press Esc to leave the inventory. How to finish the game: when you have collected all the needed resources you can click on your boat multiple times to repair it. When the boat is fixed and you click on it again you will go to the ending screen.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Aseprite and Adobe Photoshop for art. Visual studio for coding
Installation Instructions: 

download the .zip and run the executable



Ruben Engelage

Mathijs Deelman

Céfas van Eck

Kaj Slier

Joshua de Bruin


Zoë Slor

Zoë Tipker

Dennis van dijk

Kyra Wierenga

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