Interstellar Kindergarten

It's a beautiful day at kindergarten and you are a 4-year old alien child with a favourite six-sided die. When a pipe starts leaking and the kindergarten teacher calls a plumber, you are the only one who can help set things right. Or maybe you don't. Because who even knows what a Zackstacker is, that supposedly fixes broken pipes?! A little game about an overly enthusiastic alien child with decision-making issues. The use of a physical D6 is advised, but not mandatory.
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Don’t touch my Dice
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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"Interstellar Kindergarten" was created for Global Game Jam 2020 at CGL, Cologne, Germany. The theme was "Repair".

Story, art and (most of the) Twinery by Barbara Sedderz (@monkeyotoshi).

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