If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

The Player is a new inhabitant of Woodpine, which has recently been taken over by a new Mayor. Originally a thriving little village, cracks have begun to grow. People’s relationships have fractured, the economy has fallen on hard times, while the Mayor’s house continues to thrive. The Player realizes that this decline spreads from the top, but the inhabitants are oblivious to the true cause of their misery. One day the Player wakes up, determined to make their new home whole again. An RPG based around mending relationships, morals and the world around you. Play the game, make decisions and see if you can change the destiny of the village of Woodpine.
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Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
RPG Maker
Installation Instructions: 

Step One: Extract the File. 

Step Two: Open the folder ande click on the application file labelled "If it ain't broke." 

Step Three: Enjoy Your Game!


Khaya Ahmed: Narrative Game Designer

Shershah Ahmed: Narrative/Technical Game Designer

Sabrina Ahmed: Game Developer

Umair Alee: Game Developer

Afreen Ahmed: Game Developer

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