Hero War and Pony

The most epic battle of the Millenia is upon us! “Unite the clans! Fight back! Fight on!” The words of the famed HERO of Legend still echo, even 500 years after his passing while battling the ultimate evil: The Chimera Kelpie. The battle scarred the land and burnt the skies; but during 500 years, the world lived a peaceful life. That is... until now. “The world... The world has changed...” Hatashi Montoya was just a normal high-school student, but after finding the Twilight Stone one fateful day, his life would never again be the same. Strange events begin to take place, and without heeding warning from his father, Takashi Montoya sets out to find the origins of the Twilight stone. But one fateful day, Takahashi Montoya finds a mysterious door, which, unbeknownst to him, housed the greatest evil the world has ever seen. Disregarding his father’s advice and driven by curiosity and the seducing evil’s presence, Matashity Montoya opens the door using the Twilight Stone, thus releasing the one who shall not be named: The Chimera Kelpie! Filling the chamber with horrifying laughter, the fiend makes its getaway into the skies above, turning it crimson red; filling the rivers with suffocating lava, and tarnishing the land in deep, dark poison His reign of terror begins once more! Gomoshichi Montoya, hurries back home, only to find horrible creatures running amok. In his own house, his father lied lifeless on the rug, slain by monsters. Using the Twilight Stone, Hatashi Montoya summons the ancient hero of old, as is his right of lineage! Taking the mantle of the HERO, Mitoticho Montoya slays the beasts! But the death of his father will not yet be avenged. Not until the ultimate evil is slain, the one who shall not be named: The Chimera Kelpie! “My name is Hatashi Montoya, you killed my father... Now prepare to dieeeeee”. The pure essence of Hitachi Montoya’s resolve will be echoed throughout the ages, as he takes the mantle of his father, and his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him, in order to rid the world of evil! So step into the shoes of the Hero, recover the magical Pony, and ride into a war that, if lost, will plunge the world into darkness! Drawing inspiration from fan-favorites such as Super Sentai, House of the Dead, Super Mario Bros 2 (Japanese version), and “Betty la Fea”; comes this epic and inspirational tale about a young man, guided by destiny, his sword and war and pony. With tight, fast-paced, great controlled, zoomity-zoomy platforming action; deep but easy-to-understand RPG elements; brain-scratching, mind-bending, tongue-twisting puzzles; real-time strategy rogue-like shooter elements, story-changing decision making mechanics; war and pony; and ok-ish pixel art; you’ll be slaying any and all monsters in your path before they can say “スーパー戦隊シリーズ!!!” Fight on, HEROES of legend!
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)

Eduardo Ramírez - Programming

Diego Vásquez - Art

Sean Callaghan - Did nothing...

Hatashi Montoya - The Hero

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