Hammer Down

In times of climate change and growing amounts of natural catastrophes, it is important to know how to rebuild and repair your environment. Hammer Down simply helps you with a simulation. Two players need to coordinate with each other and fix broken wood constructions. One player controls a hand and the other player a hammer. Together they need to find a smart way to align a fixed amount of wooden planks over holes and fixate them with nails correctly. But watch out, spiders and the gravity will be not on your side! You can play Hammer Down together on one keyboard. Player one, the left hand, uses 'WASD' for the movement and 'E' to interact with objects. The second player controls the hammer. He needs the arrow keys for the movement and 'right-ctrls' to hammer the hammer down.
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MS Windows
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.Net, Unity (any product)
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The game was made in Unity 2019.3. It can be started by running the HammerDown.exe, which is placed in the main folder.


Philip Hell

Andreas Hanuja

Phillip Nuss

Hannah Kriegler

Music: Andreas Zimmer


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