Ham 'n' Hammer

----- Story ----- 30 Years ago, Panfield was a quiet town. Full of simple people and simple lives. You were the chef of the best restaurant in town! But then the town was ravaged by a necromancer set on creating chaos! The townsfolk swore to fight and protect their little town. As the townsfolk fought, soon they found their weapons quickly broke and they needed someone to help fix them! You decided to put your cooking skills to better use; repairing weapons! ------ How to Play ----- Pick up the broken weapons from the adventurers as they arrive in your shop. Take the weapons to the correct station to repair it. When it is fixed (after a short delay), give it back to the adventurer for a reward! There are three repair stations: Boiling station: Removes blood and rust Rotiserrie station: Heals dents and bent weapons Icing station: Attaches pieces together ----- Controls ----- WASD / Left joystick to move E key / A button to interact
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

James Rawcliffe

Jonny Blackledge

Riley Moeller

Petter Sovik

Animations were sourced from Mixamo

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