The Grief Game

The Malfeliĉo Archipelago (Calamity in Esperanto) has fallen out of favor. Alfrontiĝo Island (confrontation) faces a restless storm that filled all the surrounding islands with misfortunes. Kiraso, the purple knight, must face the evils that lurk each island and collect the relics that will give him the power to stop the storm and its evil influences. Behind this fantasy story lies a metaphor around a process detonated in our psychology as a result of events that are irreparable in themselves but in turn entail the need for personal reparation: we talk about the grieving process and its phases. According to the Kubler-Ross model, the duel has 5 phases (denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance), and each stage of the game will represent one of these phases. In this case, the first stage about denial and takes place a classic dungeon on Nekredemo Island (disbelief). Move controlls: "left", "right" and "up". Atack and parry: "a".
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Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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FL Studio; Photoshop; Aseprite.

Álvaro M. Arratia Ramírez (negrocre) - Music production.

Bastián E. Díaz Olave (Bastidiaaz) - Programming.

Bastián A. Venegas Muñoz (Bastián_elotro) - Game design.

David G. Sepúlveda Mackay (deips) - Graphic design.

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