Going Home

Two astronauts come back to their planet to bring a flower specimen to restore biodiversity. Unfortunately, their spaceship was cut in half in an accident. Separated on the two parts of the ship, their mission is to keep the ship running for as long as possible, repairing consoles, extinguishing fires, and keeping the flower safe and hydrated. Going Home is a short 2-player coop game about making quick and efficient decisions to manage your time and the gradual degradation of the ship. Teamwork is essential, as tools are limited, and players will need to pass them around in zero gravity. Two players are required to play You can play with either a keyboard and a controler, or two controlers. Inputs : KEYBOARD WASD/ZQSD/arrow keys to move H to pick or drop an item J to use the held item hold K to prepare a throw, release to throw your held item Controler (XBOX, should be compatible with PS4 controlers aswell, but not tested) Left stick to move around "A" to pick or drop an item "X" to use the held item hold "Y" to prepare a throw, release "Y" to actually throw it The game is lost when the flower completely withers. Use the wrench on broken consoles to repair them Use the extinguisher to put out fires that come out of broken consoles Fill the watercan on the fountain, then use it on the flower to keep it hydrated There is no actual win condition, you need to survive for as long as possible Good luck, and enjoy :)
Jam year: 
A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Everything was made under GameMaker Studio from scratch, even the sprites in the built-in sprite editor.
Installation Instructions: 

Extract the .zip and run the .exe

Simple as that


Everything was made by Owen "Scaelin" Davies, except the music that was a great last minute contribution of Tanguy "LastGhazó" Perreux.

Many thanks to the playtesters that came to help me test Going Home throughout the Jam, and to "UBZ" for his great advices that helped me a lot.

Shoutouts to my homies on discord for their moral support aswell, you guys were great.

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