Repair the weapons of your boss, the Overlord, who really does not seem to like you. Grab them from the ground with the "E" key or the "RB" button (xbox controller), then follow the necessary steps to restore them to their former condition. A lot of... mostly responsive and useful equipment will be at your disposal, place your load in the machines with the "Q"key or the "LB" button, so that you may deliver a useful product to your liege by putting them on the conveyor belts. To play as player 2 use a controller. Both players can use controllers in coop, but 2 keyboards are not allowed. Try to avoid letting weapons fall into the lava, the boss does not like wasting resources. He also does not like waiting in general, so you better be quick. The longer you can keep him only mildly dissatisfied and angry, the longer you can evade his legendary bad temper!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Massimo Bignamini (eupneo)- Programmer

Andrea Verga - 2D Artist

Matteo Mezzetti (Boscayolo)- 3D Artist

Luigi Lupo Philippson - Game Designer

Audiodesk GGJ POLIMI


Davide Pensato

Marco Balbo - SFX
Franco GIavatto - Music

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