Ashore and Restore

1. Summary AShORE AND rEStoRE is an interactive game where player is required to repair and restore the Australian ecosystem which is being damaged by wildfires. 2. Context 2020 was a deadly decade beginning for the planet. Immense wildfires in Australia killed more than 24 people, half billion of animals and destroyed more than 1,000 homes. Originated from a lightning, extreme heat and strong winds promoted flames to spread across the country. Earth global ecosystem was compromised, state of emergency was declared. Guerta, an alien and albinos kangourou, who’s planet was destroyed centuries ago, found shelter on earth where he became a very respected scientist as he manages the Global Earth repair foundation. Buerta was very affected by the disastrous fires in Australia and decided to sacrifice himself for one duty: Repair and save earth ecosystem. He promised to focus on elements of biodiversity that makes up of the variety of life on earth. He urged to stabilize life and produce abundance for all the creatures of this planet, as he did not want to mourn more any loss of animals and humans due to fires. 3. Gameplay mindset The gameplay shows fires ravaging an Australian region where temperature increases considerably. Player must neutralize the flames as soon as possible using rain and by reducing the global temperature. Once the fire is neutralized in an area, the eco-system must regenerated by implementing greenery, shrubs and animals. These features could be selected from the easy friendly buttons. Guearta provides continuous guiding to the player through the game. Be careful! Fire flames could spread because of the winds and temperature increase as well. Guerta is here to speed you up. He is an alien with very high wisdom ad knowledge. If too much fire is spread, Game Over! To win, the player must ensure to restore the ecosystem in as many areas as possible. Animals must be populated in 80% of the map (each hexagon must contain an animal). Player fingers should sweat, it’s a good opportunity to muscle your hands.
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Native Sound
Eco Action
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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