FWW - Fix the World by words

Fix the World by Words , is a typical Creative game , Basically the main idea of this is that we need to actually fix the unfixed Object (in our case it's a house as prototype) , So we though of an idea on how to fix that using some words , to gather learning phase as well as creativity and joy , the player has to pick the right letters in order to actually fix that object , for example : we have a destroyed Car out there . 1st we'll need to think what is that object , and try to gess it's name right ! while picking the right letters , the destroyed parts of that object a.k.a "House" will start showing one by one untill the full name is solved then the house would be repaired!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Idea : YofWeb , Uiouraha , Yamibakura , Ja Mal ,  Mouhcin Aniba

3D / 2D designe  : Yassine Sidqui

SFX : Amine Zennari

Coding / programming (Unity) : 0x544D

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