FixieBot is a toy robot who loves to play games but sometimes breaks down. Open them up to help FixieBot with power charging, decrypting, and balancing problems that arise. Fixiebot can be 3d printed and runs on an Arduino Nano Every
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This is a physical toy game that can be 3d printed. It runs on an Arduino Nano Every with an ssd1306 screen.
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.STL files are included to 3d print the body

The hardware includes an Arduino Nano Every, 3.7v 750mah battery, lipo charger, ssd1306 screen, and all the hardware shown in the images (full BOM coming soon as well as assembly instructions)

Load the .INO file in Arduino IDE and flash to your board


Brian Davis - Electonics, Game Design, Firmware

Taru Muhonen - Game Design, Firmware, Documentation

Kevin Anders - CAD, 3d printing

Elvira Mattsson - Character Design, 3d Modelling, Pixel Art

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