Fix my ship

Concept The Emperor of the Galactic Republic has decided that whoever of his children wins a race across the galaxy will be chosen as his successor. The six princes craft the best spaceships ever seen and start the race immediately. However, in their rush, they all lose course when passing near a black hole and end up crashing on planet Earth. Now, using their special talent and their subjects’ hard work, each of them frantically tries to collect the parts needed to repair their spaceship while thwarting the other's efforts to win the race and become the supreme ruler of the universe.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Yatxel Sánchez: Story and concept idea, Game design, Character Design, Game Layout, Game mechanics.

Osvaldo Flores: Game mechanics,  Game Layout artist, Tester.

Denisse Lara: Story details, Game mechanics, Tester.

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