Everyone's the roadie

Play in your browser, both desktop and mobile! You're a budding guitarist who's thrilled to have gotten in a band! But playing gigs isn't just about the music and the adoration. You also have to re-pair the instruments with their amplifiers before each one! And maybe, just maybe, in time, repair your sense of self-worth as an artist... Controls (non-trivial also in-game): mouse: menus and buttons, directional arrows: move, r: restart level (& n: for testing, skip to next level and miss the flavor text :< )
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Family gaming (sponsored)
Is there anybody out there?
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
ExcaliburJS, TypeScript
Installation Instructions: 

Copy contents from release to a web server & open the page


Jaakko Hannikainen: Coder, sokoban level designer, producer, team lead

Henrik "Pingviinituutti" Hillner: Pixel artist,  video editor, IT repair, playtester

Susanna "LolaIII" Rantakylä: Composer, playtester

Jani "TraDukTer" Suutarinen: Team lead, (content) curator, level designer, pixel artist, playtester

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