Greetings Human! You have been randomly selected (abducted) to be the newest member of the Extra-Terrestrial Information Technology team! Congratulations! Your work here will require you to give instructions to the aliens who appear on the screen. They will say what object they want fixed, how messed up it is, and what the problem is. Look in your book to find the page with that object and push the appropriate buttons and then press send to respond. If something is kinda broken, you’ll need to press one button. If something is really broken, you’ll need to press two buttons. If something is seriously broken, you’ll need to press three buttons. You will only have a certain amount of time to fix an issue. If you run out of time, or answer with the wrong solution, you will receive a complaint. Three complaints and you will be fired. (Into the vacuum of space.) Now get to work.
Jam year: 
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Technology Notes: 
Used Code.org for the entire project (Javascript).
Installation Instructions: 

Click on the link to play! Zoom in using Ctrl + Mousewheel for better experience!


Coding: Matt Friar

Art & Design: Rotimi Shonaiya, William Leonard and David Orenberg

Sound Design: Paul Allen Koch II and Ivan A. Nikitin

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