Epic Fortress

Epic Fortress is a 2v2 or 4v4 turn-based wargame. Each turn you gain resources to use on unit construction, movement, combat, or repairing your fortress if it's damaged. The objective is to breach the enemy fortress and defeat the enemy general.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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= Epic Fortress =


  Pawns   - infantry
  Knights - APC
  Bishop  - tanks
  Rooks   - artillery
  Queens  - officer
  King    - general


  Infantry  - 8-way       ( 1 space  ) $1
  APC       - 8-way       ( 3 spaces ) $3
  Tanks     - 4-way cross ( 2 spaces ) $5
  Artillery - 4-way cross ( 1 space  ) $10
  Officers  - 8-way       ( 1 space  )

  Unit costs are doubled for 2-player games. Most units cost 3 to attack with,
  except for the artillery which takes 5 to attack

  Infantry can group up to 5 on a square. Vehicles can group up to 2 on a
  square. They attack for 1 per unit

  APCs take two hits to die. They carry two infantry. They attack for 2 per

  Tanks take three hits to die. can run over infantry and officers. Infantry
  and officers roll a dice to dodge (5 or 6 succeeds). Roll a dice to
  determine if successful. They attack for 3 per unit

  Artillery takes 2 hits to die. Costs 5 to attack. 2 squares plus a d6
  determines where the shell lands

  Officers can destroy a wall


  Airstrike - 100 resources


    Infantry   1 $1
    APC        3 $1
    Tanks      2 $1
    Artillery  1 $1

    Each unit gets three movements

    $5 per wall chip



  Repair phase

      If your wall is damaged, you can spend 5 resource to repair a single chip
      of wall


      Draw 3 cards from resource deck


      Move your units up to three movements


      Combat between different units that are close enough to each other. Unit
      range is equal to its movement. You draw a card for each unit on the
      attacking square

      When you attack a building, you have to beat the cards to damage the it.
      So if you can only beat two of the three cards for a wall, then you only
      do two points of damage

  Phases alternate between players. Player 1 takes their resource phase,
  then player 2 takes their resources phase. Then we move to the
  movement & combat phase the same way


Your resources are a currency that pays for everything: Units, movement, and
repairing your fortress. Dice can be rolled for air strikes



Brian Hosmillo

Jeffery Stager

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