Earth's Heart Demo

The earth is dying and all natural resources are almost gone.Humanity was reduced to a few hundreds of thousands and have used machines to substitute animals, plants and people. the air is unbreathable so every human being and real animal have to wear gas masks. You are the last "Fixer" of humanity and work at the last workshop in the world alongside your 10 y/o daughter. Suddenly she gets sick. Worried it may get worse in the "city" you decided it's time to move out. finally you find an old house in a deserted area where you plan on living until she gets better. While searching in the house you find a basement where you find this strange machine and also seems to have a cleaner air quality. Near the machine you find notes left behind that explain that the machine needs 5 different gears to work properly and it's purpose... create trees!! Explore the world to find all the missing gears to fix the machine and save the world and your beautiful daughter.
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Eco Action
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

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